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Ep #43: There is always enough.

43, Podcast May 29, 2020

Welcome to another episode after a little break from recording.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Ramadan and an amazing Eid in the time of Corona. 

I wanted to speak about abundance and scarcity mindset today. 

Let define these first :

Abundance: the relative degree of plentifulness

Whereas scarcity means: not plentiful 

These concepts show up in different areas of life including relationships, food, and most importantly money. 

Abundance money thought would be something like :

Money is easy. 

Money comes easily. 

Anyone can create money for themselves. 

I can create lots of money for myself.

Money is unlimited → just because someone else has money doesn’t mean you cannot have it. 


Scarcity :

Money is hard.

You have to work hard to earn your money.” You have to study a lot to earn money. 

Money is evil. 


Truth: money is neutral. It is just a piece of paper, or actually a digital number on a computer. We have given value to money as a society. We collectively decided that money is a tool that we can use to exchange value. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Money is never a problem until we use our thoughts to make it a problem. 

When we want something from a place of abundance, we are wanting it from a place of knowing that we will have it. 

One way to do this by wanting the things we already have: a roof over our head, a car, healthy kids, health, being able to walk, talk, hear. And the money you already have and what that money has bought you, an education, furniture. Jewelry that you enjoy or clothes. 

At some point, you had a thought that you want to buy these things and thus, you created the result for yourself. 

The reason why we want to look at our thoughts is that they provide us the results. 

If we think from negative thoughts, such as I’ll never be able to buy a house or I’ll never be able to make a million dollars, then you most likely won’t be able to achieve it. 

The amount of money you have now is the result of your previous money thoughts..and the amount of money you will create in the future will be the result of your current thoughts. 

Our energy and approach are different coming from abundance vs. a place of lack. 

What are your thoughts?

Money was _________________.

Money is ______________________.

Money will be ____________________. 


I’ve had a lot of scarcity in my life. We are culturally taught to think of money from a scarcity perspective. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” → Actually, it does. Money is paper, and paper comes from trees. 

“Money doesn’t buy happiness.” → Happiness is an emotion, emotions are caused by our thoughts. You can be happy with money or without it. These two are independent of each other. AND, you can have BOTH!!

“Money is the root of all evil.” → No, evil is the root of evil. If you are a generous, good person, you will be even more generous. If you are a jerk, then you will continue to be a jerk, even with money. 

This especially came again when I resigned from my job last week. When I was going to medical school, you work hard for 4 years, then work hard in residency, and then you’ll be able to create your schedule. 

I don’t have money. I won’t have money. I won’t be able to afford the things I need. 

These are all thoughts. Separate thoughts from facts : 

Calculated my net-worth..and even with student loans left, I have extra money. This is the richest I’ve been in all of my life. But because I am used to thinking there isn’t enough, it doesn’t feel enough.

I had to practice some bridging thought. 

I have enough right now.Then, I have enough. And, there will always be enough.


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