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Money is EASY!!

A Comprehensive guide to Financial Freedom!

Learn to invest in the stock market at your own pace!

(Yes, even with no degree in finance)

The 2024 genocide of our beloved brothers and sisters in Palestine made obvious our vulnerable state. 

We can gain more power with more $$, thus, I am making this course super cheap and will be donating 

100% of the money generated to Palestinian cause. 

You'll have full access to the course for $25. I will also send PDF of the workbook to be used with the course. 



It’s time to build another source of significant, reliable income.

One that doesn’t come from your job.

Most stock market courses were not designed for Muslim women

We have unique struggles:

Is investing halal?

Is the stock market halal?

What about interest?

But I don’t have a fancy finance degree, can I invest in the stock market?

Isn’t the stock market just for the rich?

That’s why I created this unique course just for Muslim women to discuss these exact issues.

If you do it right, you can create financial freedom for your family and for generations to come.

Learn everything you need to know about the stock market.

 Money is Easy is a program for Muslim women that guide you from start to finish, through the entire process of finding, selecting, and purchasing your first stock.

This is an action-based class.

I show you how to piece every single part together so you can make your money work for you and rest easy at night

During the class, you’ll make progress each week:

  • Learn the right mindset. Money is 80% emotions and only 20% knowledge.  

  • Learn money language - go from 0% knowledge to managing your money confidently. 

  • Learn to retire as a millionaire, even if earning a low salary.  

  • Learn to protect your wealth through Estate planning and asset protection.  

  • Learn about marriage and finance, including nuptial agreements.  

  • Leave sadaqa jarriya, you can leave your money to work for you as long as there is stock market. 

  • Learn to create a budget to FREE yourself from money-worry. 

  • Learn about asset allocation. 

  • Module 1: Money Mindset

    Module 1 is about laying a strong foundation for investing.

    This includes having the right mindset, knowing your “why” for investing, establishing clear goals, and identifying your inner obstacles and fears so you can overcome them. It is absolutely essential to do this work if you want to succeed in investing.

    Module 2: Let’s talk about money

    Module 2 is about learning the strategies you’ll need to be a successful investor:

  • Understanding money is crucial, NOT HARD.   

  • You don’t have to spend all your time managing money. 

  • Time is our biggest asset. 

  • Learn how everyone can retire a millionaire even if making low salary. 

  • Module 3: Let’s talk about the stock market

    During Module 3, you’ll continue to build your foundation.

    We will cover the basic definitions like what is the dow jones industrial average vs. the S&P 500 index fund.

    How does warren buffet invests?We will learn the language of the stock market including how you make money in the stock market.

    What is the bull vs. bear market? and when should you invest?

    And is it halal?

    Module 4: Magic formula

    The truth is, most people lose money in the stock market. We will discuss why. And how to avoid that. The Stock market has been a powerful wealth-building tool and we do not want to negate it.

    We will learn how to select your portfolio in the easy and safest way.

    We will discuss the retirement accounts and how to save money for kids education and other needs.

    I’ll show you how you do not need a financial advisor. You care the most about your money, not someone else. It can not only be more expensive to hire a financial advisor but they may not make the best decisions for your money. But do you still want a financial advisor? I’ll show you how to pick one.


    Module 5: Protecting Wealth

    We don't only want to grow wealth but also protect it. We will learn about Asset protection,Estate planning, Nuptial agreements, & Insurances. I will show you how to ask the right questions to your lawyer to draft these documents.

    Module 6: let’s create a budget

    Once you’ve learned how to invest and the value of investing, you’ll want to “create” money to start investing. I’ll walk you through the basics of creating a budget. How budget is to FREE you, not to imprison you. It is about living life on your own terms.

    P.S. More details:

    Total Investment: $25! (100% donated)

    What do you get?

    Access to the digital course. 

    PDF of workbook.

    These are the resources that will help you get clarity and build your confidence along the way..

    By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know the difference between an investment, speculation, vs. gambling.

  • Understand how to start investing like a pro.

  • Have the right mindset -- so you are in control of your money

  • Be able to invest in the stock market without a financial advisor.

  • You’ll have the confidence you need to know what in the heck you’re doing.

    Money is easy Guarantee

    100% money back guaranteed.

    That's right! I believe in my product. It will take you from no knowledge of the stock market to investing confidently.

    If you feel like this course did not provide the value, you'll get complete money back. 

    Is this course right for you?

    It is right for you if:


  • You’re a leader who recognizes opportunities to improve your life...and seizes them.

  • You're motivated to financial freedom and create more time.

  • You’re someone who doesn’t quit when inevitable challenges arise.

  • It is NOT right for you if:

  • You would prefer to keep working full-time.

  • You’re not interested in achieving financial freedom

  • The idea of trying something completely different to generate income sounds too risky.

  • Challenges completely overwhelm you and you struggle to bounce back.

  • Testimonials

    What Our Customer Says


    Wealthy Muslim Women

    Dr. Sadaf, MD

    "I found Saima very knowledgeable And passionate about managing and investing money. During our 1:1 session, She took the time to answer my questions regarding estate planning in very detail and directed me on how to find a special need estate planning attorney. I feel very confident about it going forward."

    Wealthy Muslim Women

    Dr. Kanwal, MD

    "If you're wondering if this course is worth it? Please read ahead.

    I joined this course with a skeptical mind and made it very clear to Dr. Ali that I will be withdrawing within the allowed time if it doesn't add value to my standards. She was supportive and explained that was my prerogative.

    Besides teaching about stocks, investments, and basic money management, which is the main objective of this course, it has taught me to be self-confident and has empowered me so I can continue learning using the guidelines provided. That goes beyond the promised course material.

    Dr. Ali is also a certified life coach, and with the frequent personalized one-on-one sessions that she provided, she was able to guide me through the negative thoughts that I was having around money and finances. This is a major deal considering I was battling with some of these fears my entire life. That is a unique skill that she brings to the table which is on top of offering the course material.

    I would highly recommend this course to my friends and family members and to anyone looking to expand their horizons, personally and financially. "