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Ep #55: My Life coaching Journey.

55, Podcast  Sep 25, 2020

What is the difference between a life coach & a licensed mental health professionals?

A licensed health professional is usually a pyschiatrist, psychologist, social worker, therapist, or a counselor. They have gone through extensive years of training to become experts at treating mental health disorders.

They work in specialized field to help people with various mental illness including PTSD, Depression, any sexual or physical abuse. They focus on helping people who are sometimes unable to see any hope in life and wonder if life is worth living. This a malfunction of the brain or the body. 

A life coach works with someone who is healthy and wants to take their life from good to better. A healthy person is able to function from day to day basis. They are aware that life may provide struggles but want to continue to achieve things in this life. Life coaching is an unregulated industry. This means anyone can call themselves a life coach without any training or certification. 

I started my life coaching journey about 2.5 years ago when I was going through yet another tough phase in my life. And life coaching helped me see how I was indulging in my suffering with victim mentality and it was keeping me from moving forward.  

It helped me see that none of our pain comes from what happens to us, but instead from what happens in our mind. 

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