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Ep #9: Investing I

09, Podcast July 24, 2020

Investing in stock markets is one way of increasing your wealth.

Investing is defined as a way to expand wealth with the expectations of achieving profit. 

For example investing in stocks, Real Estate, your education, and commercial ventures, etc. 

Investing in stocks is one way to grow your money. It is buying ownership and taking advantage of other companies that are growing. The more stocks you buy, the higher the ownership and rewards.

Benefits of ownership:

 1. Dividends: These are the share of profits that a company pays to its shareholders. The dividend policy highly depends on the current goals of a company and it is not mandatory to give out dividends.

2. Capital gains, increase the company's value as it grows.

3. Voting rights: This right is given to the stockholders to vote on a matter of corporate policies which will eventually impact the future growth of the company and the share price. Note that risk is involved when purchasing stock. If you buy stocks in a company that declares bankruptcy, you may end up losing money. However, the rewards are worth the risk. 


There are ways to minimize risk which are as follows:

Always buy shares in the company that you are familiar with.

Avoid anything that you have no knowledgeable of. 

Do thorough research before investing.

Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio of the company is only one factor that you may look at. Be familiar with the financial statements of the company and know the name of investors that are investing in a particular organization.

Consider evaluating the long-run market graph for the organization, usually, the graph is upward sloping for successful companies.

Never go for the option of investing in the stock market if you want to invest money for the short run

Be a long-term investor and don’t be a day trader!

Do not make a big decision (selling or buying) just based on fear, rumors or speculations Never take a loan to invest. You only lose what you invest

Never put your money in one company. Diversification is one way of spreading your risks and helpful for long-term investing

Stock markets can go up or down. If a price goes down, it doesn’t mean that you have lost money. You don’t lose unless you sell at that time. The money is there in the market, it’s the stock that has gone down which may go up in the future. You still have the same number of shares. 

Final Note: Investing helps you to build wealth. If you are not investing, your saving will slowlylose value due to inflation. Save money, spend less. Do not rush into anything. Do not purchase stocks that you are not aware of.

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