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Ep #53: Creating Money

53, Podcast Sep 11, 2020

Creating Money

The most important things in life are health, time, and money. 

Healthy psychological and physical health helps us to accomplish the goals we want. creating time to do the things we love, and of course money! 

Money helps us buy valuable things in life. 

Let’s speak about how money is created. 

Everything starts with a thought! You have thought about how much money you want is the first step. 

If you’ve watched the Secret documentary, the main focus is the thought. However, a thought by itself will not actually help you create money. 

We can sit and dream about having millions of dollars but that may not come unless we take the actions to create it.

Our actions come from our feelings, we do things or avoid doing things because of the feelings we are having. And guess what? Our thoughts create our feelings. 

Now, the trouble comes in because not all the thoughts you’ll have are positive. Your brain is used to all the negatives, thus it’ll come up with answers right away like “that’s too hard,” “nobody we know has done that so it’s impossible.” 

And these thoughts will lead to not being motivated and we avoid feeling any discomfort, so we stop taking the actions needed. 

Our brain likes to think from the past, but to create something in the future, we have to think from the future. 

How have others been able to create money? Oprah didn’t sit there thinking this won’t be possible so I must stop now. 

We do have a lot of negative feelings surrounding money, such as what will people think? Am I being greedy? Will I lose my friends after I have money? 

And this is where the life coaching tools really come through to help uncover these thoughts and direct your brain in the right direction. 

In addition to the online course, I’ll also be offering 1:1 coaching as well. To help you look at your brain and see which thoughts are serving you. Life coaching helps you take your life from good to better. 

In summary, money is created from thoughts. You must first have the thought to make whatever money you want, create the feelings that will help you to take the actions that are needed. 

If I look at my current status, I am exactly where I thought I would be growing up. Growing up, I learned that to create monetary success, I must study hard, go to medical school. Work long hours, and I'll be able to create $250-300K per year. Then I have to save money and invest it. And I can totally see how my thoughts have led me to this point in my life. 

In the future, my goal is really to show that it’s not only possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but millions in a year. There are many others doing it. Why not you or me?  

Also, as interesting news from the stock market, Tesla did not make it on the s&p 500 index. I am not totally surprised. Even though I do not look at particular financial statements closely, I had a feeling it was quite volatile and over-valued. Maybe next time. 

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