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Ep #61: Your mother-in-law is lovable.

61, Podcast Nov 06, 2020

Wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable assets.

what are some of the most valuable things

1. Yourself: your mental and physical health.


2. Relationships: we are social creatures. Solitary confinement is considered one of the worst kinds of punishment. 

3. Money: Money is a tool we use to create more time for the things that really matter. 

We want to create healthy, beautiful relationships to live a fulfilled life. 

Healthy relationships help us grow & achieve our goals. 

Divorce can also be a very costly process. 

When it comes to relationships, one of the most common things I see people suffering with is hate and resentment for others. 

It can be for spouse, parents, or in-laws. 

The argument is that this person did me so much wrong, that I could NEVER love them! 

I could NEVER forgive them. 

But the truth is that you are NOT hurting the other person by hating and resenting them.


Who feels your emotions?? Only you. 

Emotions are a vibration in OUR bodies. This vibration does not reach the other person and cause them harm. 

Sometimes that other person may have been dead for years, but we still keep experiencing hatred for them because they deserve it. 

In this case, that painful situation is long over, what hurts now is you thinking about it. 

You are causing your own pain.  

And when you let it hurt you, and that pain changes the way you would live your life, then you are giving all that power to the other person. 

Your mother in law may have said you are not a good fit for her son. Or more awful things.

But It is not her saying that hurts, it’s you thinking that she should not say those things.

What if it was the mother in law’s job to tell you how you are not fit for her son? 

Now let’s talk more about love. 

Love never hurts. 

Love feels wonderful. 

It’s an amazing emotion that you can choose to experience. 

Not loving someone doesn’t protect you. 

When you choose not to love because you don’t want to get hurt, you are actually hurting yourself. 

If you love someone and they cheat on you, or lie to you, or say something horrible, it’s not the love you have for them that hurts. 

Your feelings of betrayal hurt. 

Hear this: You are the only one who feels your love. 

You feel it. 

It doesn’t jump out of your body and into someone else’s body. Your love is your feeling. 

Just like hate or resentment won’t jump out of your body to the other person. 

So basically you love someone else, without any conditions and you do this for your own sake. 

Because it feels good.

 It just means that we don’t have to feel hate or anger doing it. We don’t have to react. 

People make mistakes and do things from a place of pain. 

We can hate them for it, or love them as humans

And don’t worry about losing control. You don’t have any control. Control over another person is an illusion. 

Just because they are behaving the way you want them to behave doesn’t mean that they love you. You should not make this be the reason to love them. 

They are available for love. Use them as an excuse to feel love no matter what, all of the time.


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