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Ep #59: Why do we want self-confidence

58, Podcast  Oct 28, 2020

Recalling from our last podcast, we tackled three reasons why we lack self-confidence. However, in this podcast, we will be discussing why we want self-confidence. 

Self-confidence is the ability to forgo certain emotions and feelings which hold us back but instead see them as opportunities. It means you can accept and trust yourself so that you have control in your life.

So what is this want for self-confidence? People with self-confidence are not afraid of negative results as we have mentioned above, they see it all as part of the experience we call life. 

When you have more self confidence you can:-

Set more goals for yourself, as you're taking actions and initiating tasks you know will result in something you're proud of and ultimately make you happier in life. And when you're more self-confident it provides you with the energy to not be afraid of going outside your comfort zone.

Talk to more people readily, allowing you to learn from others. Hence It will allow you to be open to different ideas and issues.

Take more risks, set more goals, network and continuously learn, you would most likely achieve more through these actions.Believe beyond your current capability and capacityLive into your future.

Final note:-

Our minds can keep us from taking actions. We are, provided with excuses such as lack of time and the notion that we can not conquer our desires. Self-confidence is a practice self-belief, one has to be authentic to him/herself and about the things you can accomplish. As a result, having great self-confidence can do wonders for your life!

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