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Ep #59: Weight Loss

58, Podcast  Oct 24, 2020

In this informational and inspirational episode, we get to learn how to come out of the façade of ‘someday isle’ and embark on a weight loss journey today!

‘I will start eating healthy food and working on my weight from tomorrow’ is something that we have said and heard a million times. But guess what, that ‘tomorrow’ never comes! Have you ever wondered why? It’s because time and time again we fall into the trap of this capitalist society and its food businesses which is taking the following steps to ensure that masses do not stop buying from them.

They are telling us through advertisements and social media that ‘food is home’ whether we need to celebrate our happiness or soothe ourselves during periods of misery, food is there to get us through!

We know that sugar is in nearly every food item that’s available out there, but what’s scary is that sugar has an addictive substance. This substance releases the same hormones that a drug releases.

The introduction and availability of snacks in the ‘90s eliminated intermittent fasting between meals. This change resulted in increased insulin levels throughout the day thus meaning our bodies don’t get the chance to slow down and process the food anymore.

Now, the question is: How do we make healthy eating preferences and lose weight in this era where food is consistently in our faces via social media and in fact from every direction? Worry no more, because the tips from this episode will surely help you.

Break the overeating cycle, even if it means to unlearn some of the childhood manners, like finishing everything that’s on your plate.

Start making healthy food choices; opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat that fulfil the protein, vitamin, and mineral needs of your body. Try and refrain from eating highly processed food since it is both non-nurturing and addictive. It leaves your body feeling hungry and malnourished.

Intermittent fasting helps your body to process the food that’s already there. Therefore, following a strict 2 to 3 meals a day schedule with proper breaks and eliminating snacks from your diet will help you lose weight.

Do not eat from the place of scarcity; we don’t earn to buy food. Always remember, health is more precious than ‘free food,’ eat what’s healthy for you and not what’s free.Try to get eight hours of sleep. It will regulate your appetite.

Drink water frequently. Sometimes thirst calls are misunderstood as hunger pangs try and distinguish the difference. Exercise! It has many neurological and biological benefits.


Final Note

To maintain an appropriate weight for our body, we need to be aware of our thought process around food. In addition to this, we should also make conscious efforts to remove junk food along with extra sugar content from our meals. A little self-awareness will take us a long way

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