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Ep #58: Three reasons why you lack self-confidence

58, Podcast  Oct 28, 2020

This month we will be developing and focusing on how to gain self-confidence. Recalling our last week's session in which we distinguished being confident and self confidence, keeping in mind confidence is having experience which creates the sense of trust in yourself while self confidence is having that trust just without experience. 

This week we will be discussing and talking about why we truly lack self confidence, within three reasonings:

We don't trust ourselves, You see we have not fully learnt how to manage our minds and that's why sometimes we feel like we're out of control with our feelings and with our actions which consequently leads ourselves astray. In addition, we keep questioning our abilities and allow ourselves to stay in this negative dilemma. And this can be solved by learning how to manage our mind and being persistent on your commitments and accomplishing them fully with honour.

We are afraid of feeling our emotions, we have a pre-existing assumption that we should not be feeling any negative emotion and that our life should be entirely happy and so we try to avoid these negative feelings, either through healthily distracting ourselves or not. A solution is by feeling and experiencing those emotions and truly questioning yourself on why you're feeling the way you do. 

Our opinion of ourselves is very low, we don't immediately appreciate ourselves, as we negatively associate ourselves looking at our wrongs and how somethings are missing. In reality, when we do grasp what we feel we're missing, it only allows us to feel a temporary limit of happiness because we end up not appreciating ourselves for what we accomplished. Furthermore, it should be noted this is how the brain is designed, it finds negative thoughts that create negative emotions which is one of the main reasons we fail self-confidence. 

Final note

We must know that it's normal to allow ourselves to feel certain emotions and not enforce harsh opinions on ourselves and finally be capable of trusting yourself. All these help in building your confidence and strengthening your mentality on issues and how you handle them.

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