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34, Podcast  Oct 21, 2020

Interestingly, an Instagram post by “Confessions of a Muslim Mom” inspired my podcast episode for today. It is important to understand that there shouldn’t be a stigma attached to earning money or even talking about money. Money is just a tool, and what matters the most is how you’re using it.

From a personal perspective, launching this podcast series was a business idea. I started it not only to bring value for other people but also to earn money myself by utilizing the social media forums. I have always been interested in talking about money matters, therefore, I wanted to utilize my knowledge to monetarily benefit myself and others. People need to have money and know how to use it to bring value in their life. Moreover, it is also important to make sure that your “way of earning money” brings advantage to other people as well. For instance, my podcasts are never on topics that I don’t believe in or find value in. I always speak on issues that I feel are important or changed my life in one way or another and will help transform your world too. 

During my journey of learning how to make money online, I learnt many things; these include:-

Marketing which is essential to understand and configure so you can sell your product/service and make money

Use affiliate marketing tools - when discussing or reviewing a product, for example, use Amazon product links in your descriptions to earn a small amount.  Failure helps you become a better version of yourself - Over the years, I have realized that failures only make you stronger and better equipped to perform the task more efficiently next time. It’s important to learn from failed experiences. 


I’d like to share one of the stories of failure from my past, when I had first launched my online course it did not turn out to be a success. Surprising? Shouldn’t be! 

The reason is, I had not spent enough time, effort and money on marketing. For the business to be successful, it was essential to make people aware of my podcasts and different channels it was aired on. Through this entire experience, I learnt my mistakes and am working upon relaunching the courses. 

Final Note:

Some other important aspects when considering money include:

Marketing of your product/service

Learn through failures and improvise next time

Not to be discouraged 

Add value/bring benefit to your audience

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