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13, Podcast  Oct 18, 2020

This week’s episode featured an honorable guest, Alia Jamal. Alia is a life and love coach who helps people fall in love with themselves. She teaches people, particularly women, what self-love is and how they can attain it. It’s essential for women to find that energy of love within themselves and learn how to embrace it because they are the ones who can nurture that feeling in the next generation. 

Our main discussion revolved around what is self-love and how to attain it. According to Alia, there are three stages of self-love:

The first stage of self-love is self-care, which involves being conscious of yourself, specifically your physical attributes - in a positive way. “Am I getting enough sleep?” “Am I exercising properly?” “Maybe, I need to start eating healthy” - these are just some of the thoughts that often occur when you start caring about yourself. 

The second stage is self-awareness. This is when you start monitoring your thoughts; you become more aware of them. You might go like, “I’ve been thinking negatively lately” which is a good thing. From this point onwards, you’ll start focusing more on the way you think, and this will change your perspective.

The last and highest stage of self-love is self-acceptance, which involves accepting that whatever happens is for the best and being okay with things not going according to your plan. It’s like a union between your mind and your soul. You become calmer and more composed. You also become more understanding of others. Reaching this point isn’t easy, but once you come this far, there’s no going back. 

Final Note: 

We must always remember that all of us have a mission, a purpose to fulfill in this life. Therefore, when we connect to our soul instead of focusing on the labels given to us, we achieve inner happiness that no one can ever take away from us. We start loving ourselves! Self-love includes self-care, self-awareness, and self-acceptance, which can be difficult to achieve. However, it completely changes your outlook towards life in general, and once you attain it, then there’s no going back.

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