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EP #23: Life Transformation

25, Podcast  Oct 22, 2020

Learning is an investment, not an expense. By investing in education, we are essentially widening our horizons and skill set which would help us to lead a better life. Being a strong believer of this mantra, I have read numerous books and sat through multiple conferences to expand my knowledge base. 

When I came up with the idea of ‘Wealthy Muslim Women’, I knew that my primary motive was to empower women with financial knowledge. However, by listening to a twenty minutes podcast every week or sitting through a webinar, my audience would not be able to get a comprehensive grasp on the subject matter. Therefore, I came up with a course that would provide the audience with a thorough outlook on this subject whilst outlining my experiences and life lessons. 

Course Facts: 

This course would consist of video and audio recordings, along with other learning tools. 

Total Time: 6 – 7 hours

No. of Modules: 6

Lessons per Module: 4 – 5

Length of each lesson: 15 – 20 minutes

Worksheets and assignments at the end of each lesson

Course Overview:

The first module will focus on emotional well-being, as this plays a vital role in our life. In the next module, I will cover the relationship and misconceptions regarding money. It would then be followed by the concepts and lessons from the book ‘The Big Leap’. 

Furthermore, we will talk about our thoughts, beliefs, developing relationships with money, and the concept of scarcity and abundance. 

The last few modules will have tips on how to organize our personal lives and discuss the steps required to grow financially. To summarize, we will focus on the concepts of money and the vision we want to achieve through managing:

Personal Budget

Emergency funds

Financial habits

Debt (Snowball methodology by Dave Ramsey) 

Stocks and investment (in-dept analysis)

Real estate markets 

Insurance and mutual funds 

Final note:

My primary driver for this course is to educate and empower my audience to the point where they are well informed and that they can take decisions without the need to rely on others. Also, to recognize the pros and cons of their personal and financial options, and to understand decision making so that they can lead a fulfilled, content, and happy life. 

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