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EP #60: Increasing Self-Confidence

60, Podcast   Oct 30, 2020

This month we focused on the topic of confidence. In the last few podcasts, we discussed things such as the difference between confidence vs self-confidence, why we want self-confidence and in this episode, we delve deeper to look at how you could increase your self-confidence.

Self-confidence comes from changing our thoughts about ourselves. We have to be willing to consider that we can create the future that we want. The certain we are of a possibility, the more confidence we feel and the more easily it is for us to move forward. 

We have to accept feelings of fear and guilt because resisting them will be counterintuitive. An interesting analogy is that of a child screaming for you, naturally the more you ignore them, the more they will keep screaming. That is what emotions do until you accept it and become open to it.

Your identity is not fixed- many times we have these beliefs about our identity, we believe that we can't change our identity. For example, we think that we can't be good public speakers however, it is just a mere thought. Your brain creates fear and doubts when it tries to protect you from something uncomfortable for you.

We can accept these emotions and appreciate the brain. Although these emotions won't serve us in the long run. We need to go against our natural protective measures that the brain has put up for themselves.

Final Notes:

We have to train our brain to produce self-confidence naturally. The more self-confidence you feel in life the easier it is to manage your money, to protect your wealth and the easier it becomes to make financial decisions.

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